The Coming Week

Good luck to all on finishing your profiles. I look forward to reading them. Remember to hit deadline, use Grammarly, read your story aloud, and take full advantage of all your excellent peer editors.

On Monday we’re fortunate to have Mark Schapiro visiting class.

Mark is an author, magazine writer, and (as you know) teaches a popular spring course on Earth Journalism. He’s traveled the world, won awards, and effected change. He’s going to provide a 10,000-foot view of environmental journalism, answer your questions, and discuss how to weave complex ideas into narratives (think about the zucchini bread Jenn Kahn mentioned). In particular, any of you considering an environmental overlap story for one of your final two pieces should take advantage.

Prior to class, please familiarize yourself with Mark’s career and work. For example, this recent, short Berkeleyside story.

Then read the following:

  1. A chapter from his most recent book, Seeds of Resistance (I’ve emailed it to you as a Word file/Google doc)
  2. This Mother Jones story about “tree No. 129” in Brazil.

Onward and the Story

You now have three official assignments left (or, if you have been approved to tackle a four-week project, two). Two should be hefty features, the kind you can really dig into with the extra time. Don’t wait: Think about those now.

The third is a fun one: a Personal essay or column, which you’ll be writing this week. That means you get to use the first person. I’ll talk about it on Monday and Tuesday. In the meantime, you can start thinking about something in the realm of opinion, review, or memoir. These will be short; no more than 900-1000 words. They are also a great opportunity to be creative, pursue tangents, and get published.

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